Welcome to SCSGate’s documentation!

This python module allows to interact with a SCSGate device.

The module has been written to manage a SCSGate device with home-assistant.


The scsgate module can be installed using pip:

sudo pip install scsgate

Monitoring the SCS bus

The scsgate pip package provides a script named scs-monitor that has two purposes:

  • interactively create a configuration file for home-assistant
  • sniff all the messages going over the SCS bus

Creation of a home-assistant configuration file

scs-monitor can be used to create a home-assistant configuration file defining all the available devices.

This can be done by using the --homeassistant-config flag.

Once started scs-monitor will start sniffing all the events going over the SCS bus. For each captured message it will extract the ID of the relevant device and will ask the user to enter an ID for home-assistant and the name of the device.

By pressing CTRL-C the program will exit and generate the home-assistant configuration file.

Sniffing messages

By defaul scs-monitor will print all the messages going over the SCS buffer.

It’s possible to filter the messages related with a list of known devices. This can be done using the -f flag followed by the name of the file containing the devices to ignore. The file is a yaml document like the one created in the previous step.

It’s also possible to redirect all the output to a text file by using the -o flag.


This code is licensed under the MIT license.

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